FIFA 22: How to Flick Ball Over Head
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FIFA 22: How to Flick Ball Over Head

Add some flair to your performance and look good whilst doing it

Whilst taking part in various kick abouts in FIFA 22, many skilled players like to add a small amount of showmanship and flair to their playstyles, starting at basic step overs and body feints, to elasticos and rainbow flicks. Speaking of the “Rainbow Flick”, another term used for flicking the ball over an opponents head, below is a breakdown on how to perform, where to use it and more advanced uses of the flamboyant move.

How to Flick Ball Over Head in FIFA 22

First of all, flicking the football overhead is a skill move only available to four star skilled players in FIFA 22. Mostly attackers fall into this bracket of requirement. As for executing the move, simply flick the right stick downwards once then upwards twice. If high rated enough, the player should then proceed to bring the ball above them and have it land in front of their feet, this can be performed either sprinting or at a slower pace.

However, one point to keep in mind is direction, whichever way the player is facing should be the position the right stick is moved into each time. For example, if you are running towards the left side of the screen horizontally, the right stick should instead be flicked right once and then left twice, if running in the opposite way, the requirement simply flips. The amount of controller movement remains the same, but alters depending on direction.


When to use Flick Ball Trick

In most cases, the Rainbow Flick is best used while on the offensive. A great example of when to perform the manoeuvre is using a player of significant higher pace and composure to pass a slow defensive opponent in your way, not only is the possiblity of reward high, but to also witness the iconic skill move performed expertly is something phenomenal to witness. Oppositely, defenders statisticly able to use the move can also, if you’re confident enough to risk losing possession whilst in your defensive half. Overall, the assisitance the flick aids you with to pass an oncoming opponent is unrivalled anywhere on the pitch.

Advanced Rainbow Flick

Whilst four star skill ratings let you perform a plethora of elaborate moves, the “Advanced Rainbow Flick” is only available to five star skill moved players. Performing is as simple as the standard Rainbow Flick as not a lot really differs. To execute, flick the right stick downwards and this time, instead of moving it upwards twice, hold the stick up, as soon as the ball is in the air another flick of the analog stick up should let the player perform the advanced version with even more class.

That’s all you need to know on how to flick the football over your opponents heads. FIFA 22 releases October 1st, on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

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