Celebrate like Cristiano Ronaldo “Siu-Move” Celebration in EA FC 24

The Cristiano Ronaldo SIU celebration is regarded as one of the most iconic celebrations in professional football. If you are wondering how to perform this celebration in EA Sports FC 24, here is a step-by-step guide.

A Guide on Performing Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siu Celebration in EA Sports FC 24

Guide to Performing Cristiano Ronaldo’s SIU Celebration on EA Sports FC 24.

But first… What do we mean with “SIUUU”:

You can perform Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature SIU celebration in EA Sports FC 24 by, after scoring a goal, holding the right bumper and then pressing ◯ (PS4/PS5), B (Xbox), or A (Nintendo Switch). The celebration is called Right Here Right Now in the game. When attempting it, don’t forget to stay away from both the cameras and the billboards by the side of the field.

To replicate Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic SI celebration in EA Sports FC 24, simply follow these steps after scoring a goal: hold the right bumper and then press ◯ (PS4/PS5), B (Xbox), or A (Nintendo Switch). This celebration is known as Right Here Right Now within the game. Just remember to steer clear of the cameras and billboards located at the sidelines while executing it.

To summarize, here are the steps to execute the CR7 SIU (Right Here Right Now) celebration on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch:

  • PlayStation 5/4: Hold R1 + ◯

  • Xbox One and Series S/X: Hold RB + B

  • Nintendo Switch: Hold R + A

Guide to Execute the Messi Point to the Sky Celebration in EA FC 24″

Since it’s nearly impossible to mention Cristiano Ronaldo without considering Messi (and vice versa), Messi’s well-known celebration, known as Point to the Sky in the game!

The Messi celebration, can be executed by: holding the left bumper and then pressing either ◯ (PS4/PS5), B (Xbox), or A (Nintendo Switch).

Similar to Right Here Right Now, Point to the Sky can be performed at any moment during your post-goal sprint.

After learning how to perform the distinctive goal celebrations of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, don’t overlook their FIFA debut ratings until EA FC 24. It’s essential to not only master their signature celebrations but also explore their initial FIFA ratings.

This guide was made while playing EA Sports FC 24 on PS5.


Here’s a table summarizing the steps to execute the CR7 “SIU (Right Here Right Now)” celebration and the Messi “Point to the Sky” celebration on various gaming consoles:

CelebrationPlayStation 4/5Xbox Series X/S, Xbox OneNintendo Switch
CR7 SIU (Right Here Right Now)Hold R1 + ◯Hold RB + BHold R + A
Messi Point to the SkyHold L1 + ◯ (Press)Hold LB + B (Press)Hold L + A (Press)

This table provides a quick guide on how to celebrate like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in EA FC 24 on different gaming platforms.

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