EA Sports FC 24 Review
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EA Sports FC 24 Review

Being on the pitch never felt better!

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EA Sports FC 24 marks both the closure of the successful partnership between Electronic Arts and the FIFA brand, as well as the beginning of a new chapter in EA’s franchise. Because of that, it’s safe to say that EA pulled all of the stops in order to try to make the title as distinct as possible from its predecessor, while still keeping the core of the experience alive. But were they successful in their endeavor? Or is EA Sports FC 24 just FIFA 23 with a new coat of paint?

Immersive Like Never Before

It would not be an exaggeration to say that EA Sports FC 24 features a leap in immersion and overall ambiance when compared to FIFA 23. A feat that was accomplished through the adoption of new animations (which now offer a way more personal look), as well as through a few subtle but just as noticeable improvements in graphical fidelity.

More specifically, the improvements can be seen in the quality of the textures, in how both light and shadow are showcased and behave, and in the implementation of new hair physics and effects. Improvements were also made to many player models who did not look like their real-life counterparts at all.


Lionel Messi, as he appears in EA Sports FC 24. Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The increase in immersion is also the fruit of how the game further polished the franchises’ characteristic gameplay through the adoption of way more life-like player movements (courtesy of the game’s new HyperMotionV technology), as well as through improvements made in AI behavior, and the addition of a few new moves. The debut of the new PlayStyles mechanic —which highlights each player’s main strengths by providing them with a series of badges, each focused on enhancing certain areas of their game— also enriched the experience by making each player feel more unique, while also better translating their respective styles to the game.

What About Accessibility?

EA FC 24 gives players the ability to adjust the game’s color scheme for Color Blindness, as well as the option to adjust Brightness, Contrast, and add subtitles. Players are also able to remap the functionality of both their Right Stick and bumpers/triggers to the left side of their controllers, as well as change the size of the player indicator.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy

A True Ultimate Team

Although the Ultimate Team mode in EA Sports FC 24 feels almost identical to its FIFA 23 iteration (apart from the debut of a few new mechanics), the game allows players to, for the first time since the mode debuted in FIFA 09 (while still under the name FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT), build squads featuring both male and female players.

The addition of the players, which is long overdue, can be seen as one of the game’s biggest wins, given how it adds a new layer of depth to squad building while also finally giving all football fans the ability to truly assemble what they consider to be their Ultimate Team. If you are not sold on the mode, just picture a midfield featuring Alexia Putellas, Luka Modrić, and Kevin De Bruyne.


Image: Attack of the Fanboy

On the downside, like many other modes like it, EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team has in-game purchases as one of its biggest focuses, as even if there’s no direct push towards monetization, its presence is rooted within. As a silver lining, although it’s impossible for you to control how much your adversaries will be spending on the game, it is entirely possible to build competitive teams and fully enjoy the mode without expending a single dime.

Two Fine-Tuned Carrer Modes

For those who prefer to play the game’s single-player modes rather than venture into the world of multiplayer, we are more than happy to say that both Carrer modes in EA FC 24 received updates when compared to those featured in FIFA 23.

While the Player Carrer changes were far less substantial (although the mode gained a lot from the ability to unlock and customize PlayStyles), EA introduced a good number of features to Manager Carrer, like the ability to make use of your very own coaching staff to bring out the full potential of each player. You will also be able to select and build upon new tactics, as well as watch your team’s games from the sidelines.

Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL Are Still Highlights

Clubs also received a few tweaks when compared to Pro Clubs, as the mode now features a season system as its cornerstone. On it, you will be able to advance through set divisions in order to earn rewards and unlockables. Like it on FIFA 23, your player will have an 80 OVR from the get-go.

That, when added to how the mode’s player progression system is fully independent of microtransactions, serves as a testament to how to create a fair experience for all players, as only your play will determine how far you can go. In Player Carrer, VOLTA FOOTBALL, and Pro-Clubs, you will be able to increase your player’s OVR by earning EXP points gained per level reached and then expending them in set attribute and trait nodules.


Image: EA Sports

For those looking for a breath of fresh hair as well as a more arcade-oriented experience revolving around both street football and Futsal, while also emphasizing flair, VOLTA FOOTBALL is an absolute blast.

The mode, which is once again intertwined with Clubs, feels like a completely different game by shining away from the simulation focus in order to present players with both new mechanics as well as minigames that are, although just as competitive, objectively fun. Before you ask, VOLTA and Clubs have finally received Cross-Play support in EA FC 24.

The Verdict

EA Sports FC 24 can be considered the perfect start for the next chapter in EA’s franchise, as the game improves upon the foundations left by FIFA 23 while also adding a few game-changing and truly welcome features. Being on the pitch never felt better!

– This article was updated on October 26th, 2023

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EA Sports FC 24

  • Score: 4.5 / 5
  • Available On: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
  • Published By: Electronic Arts
  • Developed By: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Sports, Simulation
  • US Release Date: September 29, 2023
  • Reviewed On: PlayStation 5
  • Quote: “EA Sports FC 24 can be considered the perfect start for the next chapter in EA’s franchise, as the game improves upon the foundations left by FIFA 23 while also adding a few game-changing and truly welcome features. Being on the pitch never felt better! “

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