Armored Core 6 players are dominating one of the game’s hardest bosses without taking a hit

Armored Core 6 players are dominating one of the game’s hardest bosses without taking a hit

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon players are downing Balteus without taking a single hit, and we have no idea how.

Well, we do have an idea of how they’re doing it: with optimal Armored Core builds and some incredible manoeuvring. You can see one such player accomplishing the feat just below, utterly brutalizing Balteus in right around 60 seconds without their mech so much as taking a chip on its paintwork. 

I’ve done it, No hit Balteus. Not the first person to do it but god I’m so glad I managed it from r/armoredcore

It looks like the two handheld weapons are key to this feat. The player is utilizing what look to be two laser shotguns, one in each hand, to shred through Balteus’s defences in mere seconds. In particular, they’ll absolutely decimate the pulse shield Balteus periodically puts up.

The Songbird grenade launcher is also brilliant for taking down foes like Balteus – the grenade launchers are generally seen as one of the best shoulder weapons in the whole of Armored Core 6. If you know what you’re doing and have the right build, Balteus can be torn apart in minimal hits.

Even considering the weaponry here though, it’s a fantastic feat of piloting from the player. Dodging out of the way of Balteus’s missile swarms is no easy thing, especially when you’re using heavy weaponry like the shotguns and grenade launcher.

Oh, and if you’re struggling with the Cleaner and the Sea Spider, the two chronological bosses following Balteus, be sure to check out the comments section. Armored Core players are actually really helpful with handing out tips to others – who knew?

You can also read up on our Armored Core 6 builds guide for a look over how to create some of the best heavy, medium, and lightweight mechs in the whole game.

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