How to use Starfield boostpacks

How to use Starfield boostpacks

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Using your Starfield boostpack requires you to have the correct Tech skill that gives you appropriate boost pack training, even if you already have a boost pack. While it’s annoying that you’ve got to spend a Skill point to use your boost pack, it’s worth having. Bursts of movement and the ability to reach higher places in Starfield is a massive advantage in both combat and exploration. Here’s what you need to know about both getting and using a boost pack in Starfield.

How to use boostpacks in Starfield to fly

Starfield boostpacks Boost Pack Training Skill page

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To use a boost pack in Starfield, you need to have a pack equipped that has a Basic Boostpack (or better) and you need to unlock the Boost Pack Training Skill – if you’re still looking for a boostpack, I’ve laid out how you can get one in Starfield below. With both those things, you can jump and jump again to get a blast from your pack that lifts you up. You can use it only when you’re in the air and when you have fuel, as indicated in the bottom-right corner of your HUD. It uses its own fuel, but this regenerates over time by itself.

If you want to use a boostpack from almost the start of the game, you should opt for the Bounty Hunter or Soldier Starfield backgrounds as they both grant you the Boost Pack Training Skill immediately. Even then, however, your starting pack does not have a boostpack included so you will still need to find one – just check any enemy bodies you find to see what pack they have and you should have one in no time. 

Alternatively, the Boost Pack Training Skill is one of the basic Tech Starfield Skills, so you can unlock it as soon as you get your first Skill Point by reaching level 2. Spending more Skill Points to upgrade the Skill improves the fuel consumption and regeneration rates of your boostpack.

How to get a boostpack in Starfield

Starfield boostpack Constellation pack in inventory

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To get a Starfield boostpack as quickly as possible, you should start by looting the pirates after completing the first combat sequence of the game. Check all the enemy’s inventories for any Packs with a Basic Boostpack applied.

Failing that, follow the main story mission, One Small Step, hurry down to the Constellation HQ in New Atlantis and agree to join Constellation when speaking to Sarah Morgan. This will complete the One Small Step mission and you’ll be rewarded with a Constellation Pack, complete with a Basic Boostpack!

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