Best Players to Evolve in EA Sports FC 24 | Best Evolution Players
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Best Players to Evolve in EA Sports FC 24 | Best Evolution Players

Check out the best players to evolve in EA FC 24!

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EA Sports FC 24 featured the debut of the new Evolution system, which allows players to increase the attributes of set players that fall into set conditions. But given the game’s large (and we mean LARGE) array of cards, which players should you evolve? Here are the best players to evolve in EA Sports FC 24.

The Best Players for the Founders Evolution in EA FC 24

Considered the best overall evolution for strikers and center fielders for its +1 Weak Foot increase and shooting boost, the best players for the Founders Evolution in EA FC 24 are in our opinion Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez or RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner.

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The players are our top picks given their high pacing and above-average shooting for 80-82 OVRs. Although Nunez would be our main pick given his higher Physicality (I wear, this is not the Liverpool supporter in me talking), Werner will get the always-welcome 5-Weak Foot after fully evolving.

The Best Players to Evolve Using Welcome to Evolutions

The most basic evolution in the game, Welcome to Evolutions will offer a truly minimal upgrade for your player. For that, we recommend that you use this evolution either as an extra upgrade for your Golden Glow Up (Part II) player or as a stepping stone towards Relentless Winger.

For those looking to take on the Welcome to Evolutions + Golden Glow Up (Part II) road, we recommend using Shanghai Port’s Oscar (if you don’t remember him, he’s a former Chelsea player known for scoring the only goal for Brazil during their crushing 7×1 defeat against Germany in the 2014 World Cup). After the evolutions are done, Oscar will be an 83 OVR CM with 84 Passing, 82 Pace, and 80 Shooting.

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If you plan on following the Welcome to Evolutions to Relentless Winger path, we recommend Ansu Fati, as the two upgrades will turn him into an 85-rated LW/ST with 97 Pacing, 83 Shooting, and 90 Dribbling.

The Best Players for the Pacey Protector Evolution in EA FC 24

The only CB-locked evolution, the best players for the Pacey Protector evolution in EA Sports FC 24 are either Liverpool’s Joel Matip or Los Angeles FC’s Giorgio Chiellini. Among the two, however, Matip will be our main pick given his high pacing and Premier League Chemistry.

The Best Players for the Relentless Winger Evolution

The best player for the Relentless Winger evolution is Ansu Fati, given his high pacing and 4-star Weak Foot. But be advised, as although Relentless Winger will offer the biggest attribute increase among the available evolutions, you will need to pay either 50,000 coins or 1,000 Fifa Points to evolve your player.

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The Best Players for the Glow Up Evolutions

We recommend that you use Glow Up (I) on Manchester Utd’s Kobbie Mainoo given his decent stats (for the early game) and the fact that he is both English and a Premier League player, which makes hitting the maximum chemistry a way easier affair. Our main pick for the Glow Up (II) evolution will be Chelsea’s Moisés Caicedo, given his truly outstanding defensive stats for a player of his OVR.

This guide was made while playing EA Sports FC 24 on PS5.

– This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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