Is FIFA down? Here’s How To Check FIFA Server Status
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Is FIFA down? Here’s How To Check FIFA Server Status

Can’t play online? Find out how to fix that here!

If you’re looking to get online for a game of FIFA with your friends, you may be running into some errors that are preventing this from happening. With the newest generation of consoles, things are more online than ever, and when it comes to your favorite games, you may come across times when servers are down because of maintenance, or because of a technical error that won’t allow you to get online.

Let’s find out if FIFA is down for the count, and see how you can check into it, to see when things are expected to come back up. If you want to make your way onto the field as soon as possible, we’ll also go through a few different steps that could help you get back faster than others, so let’s get on the pitch and aim for the goal!

FIFA Server Status – How To Check

If you’re wanting to get online, you’ll be able to check out the official EA Sports Help Section, which happens to have plenty of areas to look into, including server issues for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live, so you can see if this problem is on your platform, or affecting everyone across the board. You’ll also be able to look into other sites, such as Down Detector, which will allow members of the community to let other players know that they’re having some issues connecting.

Keeping an eye on Social Media is also a great idea, as the @EAHelp Twitter page may upload some tips and tricks to get you back online, especially if there is scheduled maintenance or a large-scale server outage happening for many of their titles.

How To Get Back Online

If you’re running into an issue connecting, you can try a few different troubleshooting steps to see if you may be running into a technical glitch, or if something is happening on the backend of the servers. If something is happening on the backend, these tips may not help you get back online, so please remember that if you still cannot connect after trying them.

Giving your console a full restart may allow you to get back into your favorite game quicker than waiting for the outage to come back, or even closing fully out of your favorite EA title. If these do not work, giving your network a reboot by restarting your router could help, as well. If you do not want to wait and have fast enough internet, you could also try uninstalling and reinstalling your game to see if that will get you back online. Otherwise, you may just need to wait it out, and wait for confirmation that your game is back online.

With FIFA being one of the most popular sports titles on the market, you may need to know who to bring into your career mode, the best ways to play defense, and how to do a great free kick, so make sure you’re checking out our FIFA Section on the site for all of the tips and tricks you’ll need.

FIFA 22 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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