PSA: Starfield unpacking times can slow your Steam pre-load, but you can help speed it up
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Optimizing Your Starfield Experience: A Guide to Steam Pre-load and Unpacking

Are you one of the eager space explorers with Starfield pre-loaded on Steam or contemplating the possibility? If so, we’ve got a valuable PSA for you that could make a significant difference in your early access adventure. The clock is ticking towards the much-anticipated launch on August 31, and it’s crucial not to overlook a critical aspect of the pre-loading process: unpacking the game files efficiently.

As the countdown to Starfield’s early access continues, it’s essential to understand that the speed of your PC’s drive can significantly impact the unpacking process on Steam. This means that your excitement may need to be tempered slightly, as the game won’t be playable immediately at the stroke of 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST when it goes live. Instead, Steam will initiate the unpacking of the pre-downloaded files at that time, and the duration of this process depends on the capabilities of the drive where the game is installed.

The Need for Speed

To simplify, here’s the bottom line: If you’ve pre-loaded Starfield on Steam and possess multiple storage devices, it’s advisable to designate the game to the one equipped with faster data speeds. This decision ensures that you can dive into the Starfield universe as swiftly as possible. Additionally, it’s a prudent move to free up some extra space on your chosen drive, even if it technically meets the game’s storage requirements. This precautionary measure helps eliminate any potential file overhead issues during the unpacking process. Plus, let’s face it, that drive might benefit from a little spring cleaning anyway.

Interestingly, this situation mirrors past experiences, as gamers also grappled with similar concerns during the release of Fallout 4. It seems that even in the vastness of space, some dilemmas remain universal.

Steam-Specific Clarification

If you find yourself perplexed by the fact that your Steam version of Starfield still requires downloading and verifying files even after pre-loading, fear not. This behavior is entirely normal and doesn’t necessitate any manual intervention on your part. It’s important to note that this information is exclusively relevant to the Steam platform. If you’re planning to embark on your interstellar journey through Xbox or Game Pass, you can safely disregard this detail. However, it’s wise to keep these insights in your gaming arsenal for future Steam releases.

As the countdown to Starfield’s launch unfolds, it’s clear that this cosmic odyssey is set to be a gaming experience like no other. Discover why our Starfield review dubs it “the best thing Bethesda’s done since Oblivion.” And for the latest updates leading up to launch and beyond, don’t miss our Starfield live blog, your portal to the latest news and discoveries from the Starfield universe.

In the vast cosmos of gaming, Starfield is poised to be a shining star, and with these insights, you’re well-equipped to make the most of your journey among the stars. Prepare for liftoff, adventurers, your cosmic adventure awaits! 🚀✨

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