Starfield biomes and the Biome complete message explained

Starfield biomes and the Biome complete message explained

Starfield biomes

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Starfield biomes on planets are filled with all sorts of flora and fauna to scan, but the ‘biome complete’ message makes the surveying process confusing. This is especially the case when the completion message appears when your list is missing entries and the system is just not well explained, leaving you with the 100% complete planet survey just out of reach. I’ve surveyed a ton of planets and the biomes withing to try it myself, so with that in mind here’s how planet biomes in Starfield work and how to find all the flora and fauna.

What are Starfield biomes?

Starfield biomes on a planet

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Every Starfield planet is made up of biomes, or different environments. Things like savannah, wetlands, coniferous forest, deciduous forest and so on. Most planets have at least three different biomes that can be seen from the planet view when you click anywhere on the surface in Starfield

So in the shot above you can see the destination is a wetlands biome that’s 0% complete, referring to how much has been surveyed. As you explore and scan plants and animals you’ll increase that percentage and eventually 100% that biome, but not necessarily the whole planet if it has multiple biomes.

What does biome complete mean in Starfield?

Starfield biomes

(Image credit: Bethesda)

When you get the message biome complete in Starfield, it means you have found all the plants or animals in that area. So, in the shot above, you can see it says ‘biome complete’ for the flora but there’s still one plant to find. That means the final plant is in a different biome. So, to scan it you’ll need to fly to different parts of the planet and different biomes. As you look for biomes from the planet view, the percentage completion rating displayed will help you locate areas with something left to find and, when you land, if there’s no ‘biome complete’ message there’s still something new to scan.

These biomes are not to be confused with Starfield planet traits, which are features a planet has that must be uncovered by exploring and scanning unusual places. Scanning everything within these biomes and traits is essential to completing planet surveys. Then you’ll need to visit the Eye to sell Starfield survey data for some credits.

All biomes complete but not a 100% survey?

Sometimes you can seemingly have ‘biome complete’ in all planet areas but still not have all the flora or fauna. If that happens there’s basically a biome you haven’t found yet. It’ll probably be a coastal area as they can be quite hard to find when you click around a planet – Akila, for example, has a tiny coastal savanna area that is very hard to locate. There’s a single species of fish there you need to scan to 100% the planet survey.  

So if you’re getting biome complete everywhere but not hit 100% on a survey then click around all the coastal areas and the planet generally, to make sure you’ve found absolutely everywhere there is to explore. 

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