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Best FIFA 22 Shooting Tips

Get goals galore with our tips for shooting in FIFA 22

Shooting is one of the essential mechanics in FIFA 22, and you’ll need to master the technique to score as many goals as possible. There are many different shot types in FIFA, and each is best applicable in a specific scenario. In this guide, we break down how to perform a regular shot, as well as some of the more intricate shot types.

How to Shoot in FIFA 22

To become a scoring powerhouse in FIFA 22, you need to understand the basics of shooting. Here’s how to get started:

1. Basic Shot

You can perform the Basic Shot by pressing the O/B button and directing the ball with the left analogue stick while your player is facing the opposing goal. Shots are most effective in the box, but you can press the button anywhere inside your opponent’s half to shoot on goal if you’re feeling lucky.

2. Time Your Shot

For more accuracy and power, try the Time Your Shot function. Simply click the O/B button once, followed by a second hit of the same button to launch the ball. This skill takes a while to get the hang of but is more accurate than the Basic Shot regarding power and direction. You can turn this on in the pause menu by selecting the Trainer function.

Types of Shots in FIFA 22

Now, let’s dive into the different types of shots you can master:

1. Driven Low Shot (L1 + R1 + O / LB + RB + B)

The Driven Low Shot is perfect for when you’re close to the goal and want to keep the ball on the ground. It’s ideal for precision shooting.

2. Chip Shot (L1 + B / LB + B)

The Chip Shot is your go-to when the goalkeeper is off their line. Lift the ball over them and into the net with finesse.

3. Flair Shot (L2 + B / LT + B)

Show off your skills with the Flair Shot. It adds style to your goals, perfect for those flashy moments on the pitch.

4. Finesse Shot (R1 + O / RB + B)

When you’re a skilled striker, the Finesse Shot is your best friend. Bend the ball into the top corner from outside the box.

Fifa 22 Shooting Tips from DullemMike

In this FIFA 22 Shooting Tutorial, DullenMIKE, an esteemed FIFA esports player from Team Neo, shares his expertise to enhance your goal-scoring skills in the game. He covers a range of techniques, focusing on finesse shots, low driven shots, and strategies for one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper. Each tip is designed to help players make the most of their scoring opportunities in FIFA 22.

Fifa 22 Shooting Tips

Finesse Shots

DullenMIKE suggests using finesse shots with green time finishing when in a one-on-one scenario with the goalkeeper. The key is to correctly position your player, aim for the far corner, and use around three bars of power. This method increases the chances of scoring a goal.

Low Driven Shots

Low driven shots are highly effective inside the box, particularly given the goalkeeper’s capabilities in FIFA 22. The technique involves pressing L1, R1, and shoot all at once. It’s important to ensure the shot is sufficiently powered (preferably over three bars) and accurately aimed into the corner.

1v1 Situations – Finesse Shot

In one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper, DullenMIKE recommends opting for a finesse shot aimed at the near post with green time finishing. The choice of this shot depends on the relative positions of the goalkeeper and the striker, offering a strategic way to outmaneuver the keeper.

1v1 Situations – Chip Shot Method

Timing is key for successful chip shots, especially in close encounters with the goalkeeper. The perfect moment for the chip is as the goalkeeper starts moving towards the ball. The shot should be powered up with two to three bars to ensure it goes over the goalkeeper and into the net.

Overall Strategy: Comprehensive Scoring Techniques

DullenMIKE’s master class encapsulates a variety of shooting techniques in FIFA 22. He emphasizes the importance of player positioning, shot power, and precise timing. These tips are aimed at helping players improve their goal-scoring abilities and achieve greater success on the virtual pitch.

Mastering the Art of Scoring

The Basic Shot will get you through Beginner and Amateur skill levels on FIFA, but you’ll have to master some additional types of shots to take things up a notch. Each of these is dependent on the in-game situation. For example, the Chip Shot works best when the opponent’s keeper is away from his line, while skilled strikers can use the Finesse Shot to find the top corner from outside the box.

These tips should help you find the back of the net when shooting in FIFA 22. In addition, we’ve got a separate guide on the aiming mechanism, as well as an ever-expanding dedicated page of guides for the game.

FIFA 22 is available on October 1st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.


Scoring in FIFA 22 can be an exhilarating experience, and with the right techniques, you can become a formidable striker. Practice these shooting tips and watch your goal tally soar.


1. Are these shooting techniques suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, these techniques are suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

2. When should I use a Chip Shot?

A Chip Shot is most effective when the opponent’s goalkeeper is off their line or when you need to lift the ball over a charging goalkeeper.

3. What is the best way to practice these techniques?

You can practice these techniques in FIFA’s skill games and training modes to improve your shooting skills.

4. Can I use these techniques in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)?

Absolutely! These shooting techniques can be applied in FIFA Ultimate Team, helping you score more goals in the mode.

5. Where can I find more tips and guides for FIFA 22?

You can find more tips and guides for FIFA 22 on our dedicated page, which is regularly updated with the latest strategies and advice.

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