Nier: Automata’s jiggle physics gacha game collab is hornier than I could’ve possibly imagined

Nier: Automata’s jiggle physics gacha game collab is hornier than I could’ve possibly imagined

2B in Nikke

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Nier: Automata is an excellent, contemplative, and genuinely thought-provoking action RPG that just so happens to feature a caked-up android warrior with a special attack that makes her skirt disappear. Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a gacha game explicitly built for ogling the absurd jiggle physics of its own caked-up android warriors. In mankind’s latest attempt to contact extra-terrestrial life by finally forcing the intergalactic police force to throw all of Earth in horny jail, the two games have combined forces to create possibly the most caked-up android warrior of all time.

Nikke announced its Nier: Automata collab a few weeks ago, and the writing was on the wall even then. If you’ve seen literally any Nikke gameplay before, you knew what was coming. With the event officially underway, I’ve only just now seen actual in-game footage of Nikke’s take on 2B and A2, the stars of Nier: Automata. Aitai Japan CEO Audrey, well-known for sharing and translating media from Japan, posted Twitter clips of the Nier warriors in action earlier today, and folks, I don’t know what I expected.

the NIKKE 2B jiggle physics are absolutely insane lol 31, 2023

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The focus on A2’s ass tho, my god lol, what is NIKKE even about??? 31, 2023

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The replies to Audrey’s A2 tweet have helpfully answered her question. “It’s about ass. That’s the point,” writes ATSKingOfTexas. I suppose the collab has lived up to this promise, and I have absolutely no doubt that it will bring in a lot of gacha money, so I guess you can call it a success. 

In seriousness, can we talk about A2 here for a second? 2B uses some sort of plasma rifle in Nikke, which is a little weird since she’s generally a melee fighter in Nier: Automata excluding her ranged bot buddy, but at least it fits Nikke’s gun-first universe – sorry, ass-first, gun-second. Meanwhile, A2 uses… a sword? A sword which is apparently big enough to cleave through the entire battlefield? And she has to reload it? 

I don’t want to get hung up interrogating video game logic, and I get that A2 has to follow the rules of Nikke’s combat, but was ‘sword with ammo and infinite range’ really the best solution here? It reminds me of Monster Hunter players sharpening their obviously blunt and blade-less hammers, but obviously with more ass. 

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