Major Space Marine reinforcements hit Warhammer 40K, and Cities of Sigmar take Warcry

Major Space Marine reinforcements hit Warhammer 40K, and Cities of Sigmar take Warcry

A whole host of new units, including Space Marine Warhammer 40K reinforcements and a new addition to the upcoming Old World game, have just been unveiled at the Nova Open event in Washington DC. 

Even though the event is a bit smaller than the likes of Adepticon, there were plenty of announcements to kick off the Nova Open for everything from Warhammer 40K to the company’s board games for 2 players (indeed, the only long-running title that didn’t get a spotlight was the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game). Because a lot was revealed, I’ve broken down all of the best bits for you below. 

An avalanche of new, multi-pose Space Marines

An array of Space Marines on a gray, rugged battlefield

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

The Emperor’s finest snagged the bulk of reinforcements in the Nova Open reveals, and there are plenty of new units you can add to your army. Marching alongside a new Codex army book with 93 datasheets and seven complete detachments are multi-pose Terminators, new heroes, and revised versions of classic units. In other words, it’s well timed if you’re thinking about going beyond the Warhammer 40K starter sets

I’ve listed the best bits here. Unfortunately, we don’t have a price or release date for any of these – but it’ll presumably be sometime in the Fall, if Warhammer’s usual release cycle is anything to go by. Based on previous launches, they’ll probably set you back roughly $60 / £40 each, too.

Jump Pack squad

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Jump Pack unit makes its way across the battlefield, chainsaws drawn

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

The only thing cooler than a Space Marine is a Space Marine with a jetpack slapped on the back. The newer Primaris Intercessor Marines get these for the first time here, allowing you to dart across the battlefield for head-to-head combat. Naturally, these are multi-part models with lots of different customization options. 

A customizable captain is included in the box too, and he looks suitably epic with a flowing cape rippling in the wind behind him. Presumably while stirring, heroic music plays in the background.

Multi-pose Terminators

Terminators are led by a Chaplain in Warhammer 40,000

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

The Terminators in the Leviathan box or starter sets are all good and well, but they can only be made in a single pose unless you break out the clippers, modeling putty, and spare parts for a conversion. That’s finally being fixed with multi-pose miniatures that can be armed with everything from chain-fists to the wonderfully OTT shoulder-mounted missile launchers. They can be used with any Space Marine Chapter, so they’re suitable no matter whether you run Ultramarines, Blood Angels, or something of your own creation.

You’ll also be able to get those classic Chaplains in Terminator armor, along with a multi-pose Terminator Captain. These seem to be sold separately, but come with plenty of customization options.

Just note that the new kit doesn’t include Terminator Assault options. At the time of writing, you’ll need to stick with the older kit. (Or wait, because more will presumably land in the not-so-distant future.)

Champions and scouts

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Scouts sneak forward

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

Want a hardcore squad to lead your rank and file into battle? The new Space Marine champions should fit the bill, whether it’s the Company Heroes (a small but incredibly hard-hitting group) or Sternguard Veterans (hardened warriors wielding the army’s best weapons). There are plenty of customization and weapon options, even offering different parts you can use to convert other squads. For example, there are a few old-school Space Marine heads in there if you look closely…

Scouts are also on the way for 10th Edition 40K. These younger, more lightly-armored Marines are on-hand if stealthier tactics are called for, and as with all of the above, they’re multi-part so can be constructed however you like.

Classic Orcs return to Warhammer

The Orruks array themselves in a mob

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

The old-school Orc design has taken a backseat in Age of Sigmar of late thanks to the introduction of leaner, meaner Kruleboyz, but now they’re back. Fresh Ironjawz units and an army book have been promised, and they’ve got plenty of that classic, tongue-in-cheek energy fans know and love. 

Along with a new hero (Zoggrok Anvilsmasha, who comes with the option for a molten sword and weird little pet Squig called Klonk), expect berserker units that can be made into shamed Brute Ragerz or “proper wonky” Weirdbrute Wrekkaz who’ve been so filled with Waaagh energy that they’ve gone a bit… well, wrong. 

However, the new Ardboys steal the show with heavily-armored, battle-beaten thugs that’ll form the bulk of your army. They’re particularly handsome miniatures and are a massive step up from the old models that were leftovers from the now-defunct Warhammer Fantasy.

To wield them all, players will be able to download a free Ironjawz Battletome Supplement. When combined with the massive troll Trugg that also got announced, it was a good day for the forces of destruction.

Rather than being released in a single box, these units will all be available as separate kits. We don’t know the price for them yet, but they’ll likely be around the $60 / £35 mark each.

Cities of Sigmar take on Warcry

A band of hunters prepares for battle in Warcry

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

The new – and rather good-looking – Cities of Sigmar army has been turning heads in Age of Sigmar, and now they’re heading to the smaller Warcry skirmish game. Labelled as the ‘Wildercorps,’ these militia are responsible for tracking down monsters who’ve been causing trouble for the local villages. That means they’re slightly less well-armed than their counterparts, but still have those instantly-recognisable bucket helmets and a team of dogs to help them. Because they’re going up against a massive set of Ogor Gorgers, they probably need all the help they can get. 

Interestingly, this will be a smaller (and presumably cheaper) pack without as much terrain – the reason being that fans probably have lots of scenery for Warcry already. 

Prepare for an icy new Underworlds setting

The board, models, dice, cards, and tokens of the latest Warhammer Underworlds set

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

After a year or so in the carnivorous forests of Ghur (which we were fans of, as seen in our Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood review), we’re going somewhere new in Warhammer’s answer to board games for adults. Now taking place in the frozen wastes of Deathgorge, the next boxset pits the sea-themed Idoneth – including a floating squid – against demons of Slaanesh. The latter are particularly interesting in terms of rules; their members apparently hate one another, so we can expect some internal conflict to form many of their rules and card abilities.

Due to the frigid setting, it’s fair to assume that new environmental effect tokens will be included here as well.

If older boxsets are anything to go by, this will probably cost roughly $60 / £40.

Old World update, new (old?) Horus Heresy units, and fantasy football vampires

The Lady of the Lake's Handmaid sits astride a unicorn in Warhammer: The Old World

(Image credit: Games Workshop)

Finally, a batch of fun additions to most of Warhammer’s other games were unveiled at the Nova Open. Besides the addition of a new MKIII Iron armor unit and another massive mech for Horus Heresy, the Old World gained yet another hero with a Lady of the Lake Handmaiden for Bretonnia. This design harkens back to the ’90s model of an Arthurian, robed woman riding a unicorn while holding a grail. We’ve still not had a look at the wider Bretonnian army for this revival of Warhammer Fantasy, but hopefully we’re close.

The Vampire Team for Blood Bowl is the most notable addition, though. This amusing bunch comprises of mind-controlled thralls and your classic creatures of the night with suitably high collars. It’s basically ‘what if Dracula played football?’

You can see the full reveals for yourself over at the Warhammer Community roundup page. As for things that can keep you busy until all these new models arrive, check out the best board games and the best tabletop RPGs.

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