Leaked Starfield gameplay shows a big traversal change from Skyrim and Fallout

Leaked Starfield gameplay shows a big traversal change from Skyrim and Fallout

A Starfield gameplay leak has seemingly revealed ledge-grabbing – a brand new feature for a Bethesda RPG.

Yesterday on August 29, yet more leaked gameplay for Starfield hit the airwaves. The gameplay has been chronicled on Reddit, and it purportedly shows that while playing in the third-person perspective, players can grab onto and mantle over ledges in the environment.

This might at first sound like an incredibly small and relatively insignificant detail, but it’s actually the first time this feature has ever been in a Bethesda RPG. In games like Skyrim and Fallout 4, your entire body would need a clear a ledge for you to vault over it, or you’d run smack into it and fall straight down.

The tiny gameplay snippet has gone down a bit of a treat on Reddit. Users are having a hard time believing the leaked gameplay is actually from a Bethesda game, as it’s “fast, snappy, and smooth” – though I’m not quite sure how Bethesda itself might take this slightly back-handed compliment.

This development is just the latest in an extremely long line of leaks for Starfield. Gameplay details first began making their way online earlier this month, and one person, who was accused of stealing copies of Starfield and attempting to sell them on, is looking at a prison sentence (via IGN). I can’t remember the last time a game had everyone acting out this badly before launch.

There is good news for Bethesda though, as Starfield recently took Steam’s number one top-seller spot earlier this week, prying it from the iron grip of Baldur’s Gate 3. Bethesda’s new game is just days away from launching as part of the Starfield early access system on September 1, before the full launch hits next week on September 6.

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