Cyberpunk thriller Joyama returns for a third and final volume

Cyberpunk thriller Joyama returns for a third and final volume

Daniel Isles’s manga-inspired thriller Joyama returns for its third and final volume next May. The cyberpunk saga, published by Dark Horse, follows a group of mercenaries known as “Outrider Soldiers” who are hired by the government to take down organized crime in the futuristic city of Joyama.

The series began last year and marked writer/artist Isles’s graphic novel debut. The second volume ended in tragedy when one of the three core characters, Silas, was killed. Now his comrade Arwen must pick up the pieces before a climactic final battle with the villainous Black Cotton.

Check out Isles’ stylish cover for the new volume below.

The cover for Joyama Volume 3.

(Image credit: Dark Horse)

“From the first panel to the last, this journey has been quite the ride,” Isles said in a statement accompanying the new volume’s announcement. “I am truly grateful and have experienced an unmentionable amount of fulfillment in creating Joyama. I hope you enjoy the exploration as much as I have enjoyed drawing for you. Much love!”

Dark Horse’s official synopsis for the new book reads: 

“After the death of Silas, Arwen met with Outrider leaders and requested to go undercover. To her, this was the best way to keep her loved ones safe. In her time off the grid, Arwen uncovered the truth, leading her to track and confront Black Cotton – not only to bring a sense of peace to Joyama, but to serve up a dish of cold, hard vengeance. With Ringo and the results of his intense training at her side, the epic final showdown begins!”

Joyama Volume 3 is available from Dark Horse from May 21 2024 and in comic shops the following day.

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