How to change appearance in Starfield

How to change appearance in Starfield

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To change appearance in Starfield, you need to head to an Enhance! store and pay to modify your appearance, it’s that simple. Enhance basically allows you to entirely recreate your character as though you were just starting the game. That means you can change everything from hair styles, your face, pronouns, and more. The only thing they can’t do is respec your character, which has never really been an option in Bethesda games anyway.

However, finding an Enhance store is the tricky bit – there are several locations across the Settled Systems, usually in the largest cities. So I’ll explain how to locate an Enhance! store and how change your appearance in Starfield below.

How to change your appearance in Starfield

Starfield enhance store

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To change your appearance in Starfield find a store called Enhance! and pay 500 credits. This will effectively take you back to the character creator menu and allowed to change everything, making modifications to your face, body, name, pronouns, hair and facial hair, among others. However, none of these changes affect your character’s actual abilities in Starfield in any way,ย 

Can I respec in Starfield?

You can’t respec in Starfield, or alter any other elements of your character like your Starfield skills, Starfield background or any Starfield traits (although there are ways to remove traits covered in our guide). These aspects of your character are permanent on creation and can’t be changed in game even at an Enhance! store.

All Starfield Enhance location


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We’ve found locations of Enhance! stores in Starfield in three of the major cities associated with the different Starfield factions, and it’s possible there’s more besides that. However, if you’re looking for the one closest to you, here are some options for where to look. Keep in mind that there’s no difference between the services that these offer, it’s just different ways to access the same modifications.

New Atlantis Commercial District Enhance store

Starfield Enhance location jemison

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  • City: New Atlantis
  • Planet: Jemison
  • System: Alpha Centauri

Not far from Constellation’s HQ, players who fast travel to the Commercial District will be able to find a small, understated branch of Enhance! just ahead and between Infinity LTD and Outland.

Akila City Enhance store

Starfield Enhance location akila

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  • City: Akila City
  • Planet: Akila
  • System: Cheyenne

After entering Akila City via the landing bay, turn left once you enter the main gate and head past the entrance to the barracks, moving up some stairs just past them. Near the edge of the district is a raised, nondescript building with a faded “Enhance!” sign that overlooks the area to an extent – head in to get your cosmetic surgery.

Neon City Enhance store

Starfield Enhance location Neon

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  • City: Neon
  • Planet: Volii Alpha
  • System: Volii

After heading up the elevator from the spaceport and entering Neon Core (aka, the main street with all the stores), turn right and head down the road. On your right is a giant, ostentatious branch of Enhance!, to the left of the Volii Hotel.

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