The Afterparty cast and creators reveal which genre they would pick for their own “mind-movies”

The Afterparty cast and creators reveal which genre they would pick for their own “mind-movies”

In the crowded murder mystery market, there is one thing that really makes Apple TV+’s hit television show The Afterparty stand out – the “mind-movies”. Now, if you are new to this beloved series, which is currently airing its second season on the streaming service, you may be curious by what we mean by this. 

Well, what makes this show so unique is that each episode is presented in a different style or genre, reflecting the different characters’ perspectives of what happened on the night of the murder, their interpretation of the events and the varying ways they see the world. So, for example, in season two bride Grace’s story is told as a Jane Austen-esque period drama whilst her offbeat sister-in-law’s tale is shown as a Wes Anderson style comedy-drama. Not only does it add a new, fun spin on the classic genre, but it also allows us to really understand the ensemble cast of characters.

The question is then – how would the cast and creators of The Afterparty tell their own story? Which genre would they pick for their mind-movies? From slashers to erotic thrillers, many of the answers are unexpected…

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Sam Richardson (Aniq)

“I guess mine would have to be an espionage thriller – a sexy, James Bond style, spy movie.”

Zoë Chao (Zoë)

“Oh I don’t know, like maybe Miss Congeniality. Sam said an epic sweeping romance for me but cool and arty, which is great.”

Zach Woods (Edgar)

“It’d be a Christian rock musical. I’m not myself a Christian, but I would want to see what a faith-based rock band would do with my story. It’d be interesting to see a story about a secular Jew done as a Christian rock musical, I’d be down to go to that premiere.”

Poppy Liu (Grace)

“I think for me personally, the first thing that came to mind is like a Freaky Friday/Mean Girls-esque film. I would cast Hilary Duff in it to play somebody. It’d be a coming-of-age story. Or on the other side of that, it’d be fun to do a slasher or a demon horror.”

Vivian Wu (Vivian)

“I would want a modernised one, where women play the men and men play the women. So, sort of revised. I think that would be really interesting. The costumes would be important to me, everything would need to be so elegant.”

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Anna Konkle (Hannah)

“I think Tim Burton, with the practical effects, very old school, Beetlejuice style would be great. Winona Ryder vibe. I’m not in the sequel, no one has called me yet, I’m so jealous.”

Elizabeth Perkins (Isabel)

“100% the ’80s! All my early work was in that era and looking back on that now, sometimes it’s painful. I’ll be like, with the soundtrack, the montage scenes, it’s so specifically the ’80s but when we were doing it, we had no idea. Honestly, what were we thinking?!”

Phil Lord (Executive Producer/Writer)

“I think my life is like a locally produced children’s’ television show, if Captain Kangaroo was more cheaply made.”

Chris Miller (Creator)

“What is my life? Probably the most boring genre, maybe behind the scenes documentary. I’d love to think that my life is as slick and cool as a heist movie, with me being smooth and suave, but it’s more messed up than that.”

Anthony King (Executive Producer/Writer)

“And I’m full ’90s erotic thriller – you can watch me do pull-ups, cross my legs, etc.”

A new episode of The Afterparty season 2 drops weekly on Wednesdays via Apple TV Plus. If you want to find out more about this season, also read our interviews with actors Sam Richardson and Zoë Chao as well as the rest of the ensemble cast.

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