That Ahsoka Senator has appeared in Star Wars before

That Ahsoka Senator has appeared in Star Wars before

Ahsoka has brought plenty of Star Wars characters from animation to live-action already, and the latest episode has continued the trend. 

In Ahsoka episode 3, we’re introduced to Senator Xiono, who appears in a meeting with Mon Mothma to talk to Hera Syndulla. But, this isn’t his first Star Wars appearance – as we get into below. 

Before we go any further, though, a warning that the following contains spoilers for the new episode, so turn back now if you’re not up to date!

Who is Senator Xiono?

Mon Mothma and Senator Xiono in Ahsoka

(Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Senator Hamato Xiono appears in Ahsoka episode 3 – and he’s got a fairly bad attitude, refusing to believe Hera when she says Grand Admiral Thrawn could be on his way back. Xiono believes Thrawn is dead, and Hera is actually just seeking to use New Republic resources to find her friend Ezra Bridger. Ezra and Thrawn vanished together when the purrgil, hyperspace travelling star whales, took hold of the ship they were both on and jumped to hyperspace. 

We also find out that Hamato didn’t strictly take a side as the Rebellion and Empire fought it out, with Hera accusing the Senator of waiting to see who won. 

Where have we seen Senator Xiono in Star Wars before? 

Xiono in Star Wars Resistance

(Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

The Senator’s appearance in Ahsoka isn’t his first time in Star Wars, however. He’s actually a character first introduced in the animated show Star Wars Resistance, which takes place in the sequel era – so after Ahsoka on the Star Wars timeline (for more, see our guide to the Ahsoka timeline). 

Hamato’s son, Kazudo Xiono, is a pilot who spies on the First Order, working with Poe Dameron. Both Kaz and Hamato are from Hosnian Prime, which you might remember gets destroyed by Starkiller base in The Force Awakens. Fortunately, though, both of them survive as neither are home at the time. 

In the animated show, Hamato isn’t much of a fan of the Resistance, so his behavior in Ahsoka episode 3 shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. 

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