Should you betray Delgado with Mathis in Starfield?

Should you betray Delgado with Mathis in Starfield?

Starfield Mathis Crimson Fleet choice betray Delgado

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Should you agree to betray Delgado with Mathis in Starfield? Mathis’ plan to dispatch the Crimson Fleet head in the Lock prison is tempting but your choice has little impact on the outcome. You’ll happen across this decision in Starfield just after you and fellow Crimson Fleet rookie Mathis get cut off from the crew after an ice cave in. After Mathis has spilled his plan to you to kill Delgado, then sell any information on Kryx’s Legacy back to Naeva, you can either shut down his proposal or let him know you’re on board (for now). Here’s what happens if you decide to ignore or help Mathis betray Delgado in Starfield.

Starfield Echoes of the Past Mathis choice explained

Starfield Mathis Crimson Fleet choice forget the plan

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Regardless of which option you choose, Mathis sours on his idea of betraying and killing Delgado and backs out of his own plan, so your choice doesn’t matter. After navigating your way through the prison and eventually contacting Delgado via the prison intercom in the shuttle bay, Mathis will ask you to forget about the whole “killing Delgado” thing, so there’s no mutiny opportunity while you’re in the Lock (make sure you loot the Starfield prison cell cache while you’re here too).  At this point, you can also tell Mathis that he owes you, although I’m not sure if this leads to anything – he is a pirate after all.

Head back to the Key and report to Delgado, then you can speak to Mathis again in the Last Nova bar. He seems pretty set on laying low and not plotting any more betrayals. While you don’t get any rewards from this exchange directly, that’s a crisis averted for the Crimson Fleet. Press on with the Starfield Crimson Fleet questline and you’ll eventually reach the culmination of your undercover missions with the Starfield Kryx’s Legacy choice.

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