Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?
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Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?

Can players on opposite platforms be faced?

EA Sports’ newest entry, FIFA 22 is finally upon us. The yearly football simulation game’s annual October release partners the new football seasons beginning with new transfers, Career Mode and Pro Clubs adjustments, and a plethora of Ultimate Team content. However, one of the biggest questions asked is if EA’s latest game has crossplay as an available feature across the many available Next-Generation editions?


Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, FIFA 22 doesn’t have any cross-platform possibilities whatsoever. Whilst there are PlayStation 4 and 5 editions available to purchase, none of these editions allows players to compete or play with each other, this same concept also applies to the Xbox versions of the game. Upgrading to next-gen versions is still present, but is the only option given in regards to one console generation’s family to another.

However, there is a rather large chance and also at the same time, opportunity, that EA may induct the option of Cross-Play into future titles, as it becomes more and more frequent amongst gaming. Popular titles such as Call Of Duty and Fortnite are just two examples of games that have adopted the Cross-Platform formula. This will also increase FIFA’s popularity massively, being able to play with friends on other systems whenever they would like, would be a massive bonus for fans of the already in-demand title.

FIFA 22  is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

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