How to unlock the Starfield prison cache in cell D-02-106

How to unlock the Starfield prison cache in cell D-02-106

Starfield Lock prison cell cache behind cell bars locked with computer

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The Starfield prison cell cache found in cell D-02-106 in the Lock on Suvorov is opened by finding the button that unlocks all the cell doors in the block. While it’s totally optional, this loot objective is worth pursuing, as the cache has some useful items that were being stocked for a prison break. However, finding the necessary secret button in Starfield requires a thorough sweep of D-block of the Lock, so to make your life easier, I’ve laid out exactly how you open the cell D-02-106 cache in Starfield in the Echoes of the Past mission.

How to unlock cell D02106 in Starfield

First of all, you need to make sure you know where cell D-02-106 actually is, as D-block is tricky to navigate. Follow the blue waypoint leading to the Starfield prison cell cache across the broken walkway to reach Section 2 – a Starfield boostpack comes in handy for this. You’ll know you’re in the right place if all the prison cell names start with “D-02-…”. Find the correct cell and you’ll notice it can’t be opened with a Starfield digipick like most other prison cells, and instead requires a computer.

Starfield Lock prison cell cache route through section 2 to the button with arrows

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What this really means is that you need to activate a nearby hidden button to unlock the cell door – not a computer. Head out of Section 2 and take the stairs on your left down to the area with doors leading to the shower room and the kitchen.

Starfield Lock prison cell cache cell release security button

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Head up the stairs near the kitchen to get into the security room and you’ll spot a broken intercom and release switch on the wall. Press the Section 2 release switch to open the door to cell D-02-106.

Starfield Lock prison cell cache drum beat rifle in weapon casing

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Now head back the way you came to reach cell D-02-106 and collect your loot. I found an Epic-rarity Drum Beat rifle and some 11mm caseless ammunition for it. There was also a Fragmentation Mine, a Cryo Mine, various other ammo types, two digipicks, and two cutters. Those cutters won’t be useful as you should already have one, but everything else is good to have. With the cell looted you can escape D-block, but you’ll also have a development in the Starfield Mathis choice.

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