The best Starfield merch so far

The best Starfield merch so far

Starfield controller and watch, with a GamesRadar+ cross over the middle

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It’s been a long time since we got a proper Bethesda RPG, and you can tell that the excitement is bubbling over due to the Starfield merch that’s already hitting shelves. Hoodies, controllers, decals… there’s no shortage of stuff based on this sci-fi successor to Skyrim.

Wondering what’s out there, and if it’s any good? We were too, so we’ve put together a crib-list of the best Starfield merch that’s available right now. It’ll undoubtedly grow over time, but even ahead of launch, there’s still plenty of cool bits and bobs that would make good additions to anyone’s collection. (Or, if you’re feeling generous, excellent gifts for gamers.)

As a note, you can get early access to the game with a couple of these entries. As mentioned in our Starfield launch live coverage, the likes of the digital premium edition and collector’s edition let you gain access to this new world on September 1. From what we can tell, you’ll not regret doing so; as mentioned in our Starfield review, it’s the “best thing Besthesda has done since Oblivion.”

Starfield controller on a plain backgroundBest overall

OK, let’s start with the most obvious one – the official Starfield controller for Xbox. This rather handsome handset mimics the design seen in-universe, and it’s made to look as if you’d find it in the cockpit of your ship. Yes, it’s still a bog-standard controller in every other way and costs a bit more, but that new paintjob – featuring a gold d-pad made to look like the visor on an astronaut’s helmet – is the definition of a chef’s kiss.

Starfield Wireless Headset on a plain backgroundBest accessory

 As a rebrand of the official accessory from Xbox itself, this Starfield merch blends form with function beautifully. If you’ve not got a headset for your console yet, this is one of the better options; as we said in our Xbox Wireless Headset review, “you won’t find a more rounded gaming headset on Xbox Series X for such a low price.” The sleek and classy overlay is icing on an already tempting cake. 

Starfield Constellation Edition on a plain backgroundBest collectibles

Got a few (read: lots of) extra pennies? You can get the mother of all Starfield merch with this. Alongside the game, you’re getting a replica of the in-universe display case (which is inspired by real NASA gear), a clothing patch, access to the game’s expansion, a digital artbook and sountrack, and a working, digital Chronomark Watch. Recognise it? That’s because it acts as your HUD in-game.

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