How to save Moara in Starfield and complete The Old Neighborhood

How to save Moara in Starfield and complete The Old Neighborhood

Starfield the old neighborhood mission save moara's ship

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To rescue Moara in the Starfield mission The Old Neighborhood you must follow his breadcrumb trail through the Sol system, then defeat Ecliptic hijackers on his ship. Since Constellation desperately wants the information that Moara has on a possible third artifact, it’s imperative that you rescue him safely from the hijackers in Starfield. Although, this seems a bit tricky when you can’t target a ships engines and risk blowing the whole thing up. However, don’t worry as this guide will help you get through the entire Starfield The Old Neighborhood mission to save Moara without a scratch.

1. Speak to Sarah and her contact

Starfield the old neighborhood mission save moara tuala MAST guy

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Kick off the The Old Neighborhood Starfield mission by speaking to Sarah Morgan and readying up for your first Constellation assignment. She’ll become a companion and will follow you around, replacing any previous Starfield companions you had.

Next, head out the Lodge and go inside the tall spire building in the middle of the MAST District of New Atlantis to speak to Tuala, who is Sarah’s contact. He’ll try and get you to sign up to the UC Vanguard but you can turn this down and sign up another time. Continue speaking to Tuala and he’ll tell you that Moara, a Vanguard volunteer who allegedly has an artifact, is likely in Cydonia on Mars.

2. Ask about Moara in Cydonia

Starfield the old neighborhood mission save moara jack the bartender cydonia mars

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Set a course for Mars, by performing a Starfield grav jump, land at Cydonia, then head inside the main spaceport building. Head right near the entrance to get inside a bar and speak to Jack the bartender. He’ll give you information on Moara’s whereabouts, but only if you pay him 2,500 credits – do not do this.

Instead, you can get Sarah to call him out as a liar, causing Jack to reduce his credits demands from 2,500 to 1,000, or you can attempt to persuade him to give you the information for free. However you deal with Jack, he will tell you to check out Venus, so set a course and get ready for your next objective which could get messy.

3. Examine the satellite near Venus

Starfield traits serpent's embrace dialogue

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Upon arriving at Venus, Sarah will explain that the satellite beacon you need to check out is being guarded by Va’ruun zealots. You can blast your way through the zealots or sneak your way past by cutting power in all ship systems except for a little in your engines. Alternatively, if you chose the Serpent’s Embrace Starfield trait for your character, you could get Sarah to recite a religious message that will let you reach the satellite beacon unharmed. Activate the satellite beacon, and you’ll learn that Moara headed to the Nova Galactic Staryard near the Moon.

4. Find clues about Moara in the staryard

Starfield the old neighborhood mission moara's dataslate

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Fly over to and dock with the Nova Galactic Staryard. Board it and clear out all the Ecliptic mercenaries that have take over. There’s a stripped-out ship in the middle of a large room in the staryard, and you need to hop inside and grab the dataslate on the table. You’ll learn that Moara has gone to Neptune, so head back to your ship, undock, and set a course.

5. Save Moara from the mercenaries

Starfield the old neighborhood mission save moara fighting moara's ship

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When you arrive in Neptune, Moara’s ship will fire upon you as you approach. Moara will then tell you that Ecliptic mercenaries have hijacked his ship, and Sarah says that the only option is to board which can be done by shooting the ship’s engines.

Confusingly, you must shoot Moara’s ship until its health bar is empty, regardless of if you’re hitting the engines or not. While this would ordinarily blow up a ship and kill everyone on board, it won’t in this case and the ship’s engines get disabled so you can dock and board it instead. If you want to disable the engines of other ships to board them, you can only do this if you have the Targeting Control Systems Starfield Skill.

6. Clear Moara’s ship of hostiles and talk to Moara

Starfield the old neighborhood mission speaking to Moara in his ship

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Once you’re aboard the ship, kill any Ecliptic mercenaries and loot them to make sure you pick up Moara’s Ship Key. Now you can open the door to the cockpit and speak to Moara. Once you’re done talking, grab the artifact from the windscreen of Moara’s ship and head back to the Lodge in New Atlantis. You can add the artifact to the collection and speak to Sarah to complete The Old Neighborhood!

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