FIFA 22: How to Get Hero Cards

FIFA 22: How to Get Hero Cards

Bring out the legends of the game with Hero Cards in FIFA 22.

Hero Cards are both influential in-game players and valuable transfer targets in the world of FUT in FIFA 22. These legacy super-stars from seasons past are always in great demand, but it’s not always clear how to obtain them. To make it that bit easier to secure one of these legendary footballers, read on to see what methods you can use to bolster your squad.

Unlocking Hero Cards in FIFA 22

There are three methods of obtaining Hero Cards in FIFA 22, but only two are currently available.

First, you can find Hero Cards in packs, but they’re almost as rare as Icon Cards. This random mechanic means it’s the second way of gaining Hero Cards that you’ll be reliant on if you don’t want to risk the chance. Currently, the only way to secure a Hero Card is by buying one from another player, which is the most straightforward of the options but unsurprisingly the most expensive.


Finally, Hero Cards have traditionally been available to unlock through Squad Building Challenges. However, there are no specialist challenges for Hero Cards this early in the season, but it’s worth keeping your eye on the weekly challenges to see what new players are available. In addition, you’ll receive notifications on your dashboard when there are changes, so keep your eyes peeled to the game when you’re in menus.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the only way to unlock Hero Cards in FIFA 22 is through opening packs and hoping for good luck or through buying them from other players. We’re confident that Hero Cards will arrive in the coming months to FUT challenges, but for now, concentrate on making FUT coins so that you can pick and choose your favorite legends in the transfer market. For other tips and tricks on FIFA 22, make sure to check out our page of dedicated guides to the new launch.

FIFA 22 is available on October 1st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

– This article was updated on October 4th, 2021

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