This new survival horror game is frighteningly photorealistic

This new survival horror game is frighteningly photorealistic

A brand new Unreal Engine 5-made survival horror game has been unveiled, and it looks unbelievably realistic.

As first picked up on by Automaton Media earlier this week, Lost Fragment is a brand new survival horror game with one hell of a flashy new trailer. The reveal trailer for Lost Fragment, below, last just one minute, but one minute is all it takes for this new game to look absolutely eye-catching.

The player character makes their way down the corridor of what looks to be a Japanese hospital, brandishing a pistol around corners and into rooms. Then the lights cut out, and they’re left scrambling around in the near-dark to identify whatever’s making some pretty spine-chilling noises around them.

Lost Fragment is actually the debut project of a studio based in Osaka, Japan. The studio is known as ‘Nihil Inane Studio,’ and so far at least, we know absolutely nothing about the developer itself, aside from where its based in Japan.

However, we do know that every single aspect of this reveal trailer has been painstakingly handcrafted by the development team. Nihil Inane Studio doesn’t employ methods of generating 3D objects from photographs or live objects, so everything you’re seeing in the trailer was constructed from scratch.

The fact that Lost Fragment is being made in Unreal Engine 5 is sure to grab attention from some folk. As ever, it’s the development team, and not a game engine, that makes a game look or feel as good as it does, but that’s not to say the flashy new-gen engine is entirely redundant.

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