FIFA 22 How to Turn on Shot Meter
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FIFA 22 How to Turn on Shot Meter

Hit the top corner every time with our Shot Meter guide for FIFA 22.

With the new release of FIFA 22, players are trying to find out how to activate the always helpful Shot Meter or Timed Finishing Bar. This tool is handy as it gives you a visual indication of how hard you’re hitting your shots, so if you’re constantly struggling to finish good opportunities, this feature might help you learn why.

How to Turn on Shot Meter in FIFA 22

Load up FIFA 22 and go to Customise and then Settings. On Settings, go again into Customise Controls, and turn on FIFA Trainer. Below the FIFA Trainer option, you’ll have a Shooting Mechanics Indicator option, which controls the Shot Meter. Now when you go into games, the FIFA Trainer will enable the Shot Meter and you’ll be able to see the power of any shot before releasing the shoot button.


If you’ve started up a game without changing your settings, you can still turn Timed Finishing on from here. Go into the pause menu, select Trainer, and ensure that the Shooting Mechanics Indicator is active. You can also turn on Shot Elevation here so that the game gives you an idea of the height and direction of your shot, giving you as much control as possible.

Use these tips to get your Shot Meter activated, and you’ll be netting balls like Ronaldo in no time. In addition, we’re developing multiple new guides for the new FIFA 22 release, so keep an eye on our guides page for any updates for the latest release.

FIFA 22 is fully available on October 1st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

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